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Work in progres & news

These days I've been working on a new illustration project,
meanwhile my work was featured on amazing blog Artkvart, check it out!


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Freebie wallpaper!

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Check out this freebie February iPhone wallpaper here

Tokyo! meets Soko!

Lately I've been doing a lot of daily and monthly challenges, so this one is for monthly faves. Here are some of the things I've been enjoying this month:
1. Discovering the Bullet Journal  was a real life saver! Saving time and papers in my diary.
2. Listening Soko on repeat. Antisocial, antisocial!
3. At last I have my on bike here in Zagreb.
4. Some jewelry from the Hrelić.
5. Got some great drum sticks.
6. Never enough nail polishes in different colors.
7. Favorite shirt, you can guess where I bought it hmmmm...
8. Great movie! Tokio!
9. The Celetoids tapes are finally here!
10. And the last but not least, never go out without some awesome piece of jewelry.

March calendar wallpaper

*Freebie! March calendar wallpaper for your phone.
Download here